Natasha Yi, creator of the “Yi Too” movement started her acting career in a small, obscure and unknown little town called Hollywood. She was nominated for an Oscar in her break-out film “Ain’t That Some Bullsh*t?”, but believes she lost the award after cutting in front of Meryl Streep at an unknown little coffee shop named Starbuck’s. In 2015, Natasha asked all of her fans to change their last names legally to Yi to show their support through action, rather than words. Later that year, JV, a radio personality, legally changed his last name to Yi. Because he was the only fan to do so, Natasha hooked up with him at an unknown, obscure hotel called the Marriott. They have been together ever since. Although JV is still like a radio God that gets over 58 podcast downloads a month and Natasha is an actress starring in every movie released in Denmark, they have both teamed up to bring this undeserving world the greatest show ever made. “Between JV & Natasha Yi” available this fall has a title that is self-explanatory. In fact, Buzzfeed writer Greg Hoffel asked the couple to explain the premise of the show to which they responded, “Don’t be stupid Greg.”

*if you believed any of this, please call 1-800-571-9321. We would like to sell you some vacation time-share, somewhere near the coldest place on Earth.

Description written by Cardi B-hole.

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